Vladimir Yakunin became a visiting professor of Peking University

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Заведующий кафедрой государственной политики МГУ, доктор политических наук В.И. Якунин стал приглашённым профессором Пекинского университета (Peking University)

Head of the Department of State Policy at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, co-founder of the “Dialogue of Civilizations” Research Institute, Doctor of Political Sciences, Vladimir Yakunin, has become a visiting professor of Peking University.

The letter about the appointment was received on 23 September.

Peking University, also known as “Beida”, is one of the most prestigious and respected universities in China.  Over the last years it has been holding top ranks in international university ratings being the platform for progressive thoughts in the field of education. For example, just recently the renowned World University Rankings “THE” placed the university at 29th position. The university is known for its high level of teaching. Leading teachers and reputed scientists of the country work here.

Vladimir Yakunin has long-term partnership with Peking University related to both “Dialogue of Civilizations” and his activity as Head of the Department of State Policy at Lomonosov MSU. In May 2016 Vladimir Yakunin conducted a series of his lectures for students of Peking University. He also facilitated the visit of representatives of Peking University and Chinese students to Russia, and thanks to his efforts the agreement was signed for cooperation between the faculty of political science at MSU and Peking University. Also this year Peking University became one of 6 universities-partners of the new educational programme of the faculty of political science of MSU and Endowment Fund “ISTOKI” (Vladimir Yakunin being the founder) which offers free education for students in summer schools of the leading world universities.

Before that Vladimir Yakunin was also given the status of the International Counselor of  Shanghai Academy for International Studies which is a partner of “Dialogue of Civilizations” in the sphere of regular counseling on vital issues of cooperation between Russia and China, joint analysis of economic models for development in the Euro-Asian region and in organizing special expert events.

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