Vladimir Yakunin

Vladimir Yakunin is a Russian public figure, businessman and former president of Russian Railways (June 2005 — August 2015). After stepping down as head of Russian Railways he has continued to be engaged in public work as a founder and president of World Public Forum «Dialogue of Civilizations». In October 2015 he started work on creating an international think tank focused on the search for solutions to help de-escalate tensions across the world. DOC Research […]

Vladimir Yakunin’s Cambridge speech

We publish the full transcript of Vladimir Yakunin‘s Cambridge speech and interview. He starts by thanking for the invitation and expressing his condolences on the losses London has suffered recently, most recently in the terrible fire. He notes that Russia has great compassion for these losses – because it has been through many wars, seen […]

Vladimir Yakunin welcomes cultural dignitaries in Berlin

29 June, Berlin – DOC Research Institute, an independent international think tank, commemorated one year since its launch in Berlin with a panel discussion involving influential cultural dignitaries from Europe, the Middle East and Asia to talk about critical issues relating to the protection of cul-tural heritage around the world. Panellists included His Excellency Mahmood […]

Vladimir Yakunin became a visiting professor of Peking University

Head of the Department of State Policy at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, co-founder of the “Dialogue of Civilizations” Research Institute, Doctor of Political Sciences, Vladimir Yakunin, has become a visiting professor of Peking University. The letter about the appointment was received on 23 September.

About the Program

PolitIQ is an abbreviation made of three key words: polit, improve, quality. The goal of the program is to increase the prestige of political science education in Russia. The mission of the program is to disseminate objective knowledge about Russia and the Russian science in the foreign scientific community; to help foreign students and professors to obtain qualitative information about the Russian school of political sciences and the […]

PolitIQ Programme will be presented at the All-Russian Convention of Political Experts

From November 11 to November 13 2016 the II Convention of the All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Society of Political Experts” on “Russian Politics: the agenda in the changing world” will be held in Kazan.  Over 350 leading Russian and foreign scientists and experts from over 30 countries will take part. The Convention will be a […]

Geopolitical interests of China to be discussed at MSU

The expert and analytical report on “Chinese global project  for Eurasia” will be presented for the first time during a round-table talk. The report has been prepared under academic supervision of Head of Department of State Politics at MSU, PhD of Political Science, Vladimir Yakunin. Leading Russian and foreign experts were involved in preparation of […]

The Moscow State University And The Endowment Fund Istoki Launch New Political Science Educational Programme

The Faculty of Political Science and the Endowment Fund ISTOKI announce the launch of a new educational programme for political science students at Moscow State University.