About the Program

PolitIQ is an abbreviation made of three key words: polit, improve, quality.

The goal of the programme is to increase the prestige of political education at MSU

The mission of the programme is to disseminate objective knowledge about Russia and the Russian science in the foreign scientific community; to help foreign students and professors to obtain qualitative information about the Russian school of political sciences and the tendencies of its development; to secure mutual understanding and interaction between representatives of Russian and foreign political science.

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Expert reviews
Vladimir Yakunin
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund ISTOKI, Doctor of Political Science

Our joint programme with Moscow State University will offer Russian and international students high-quality education in political science at a global level, and will support the development of a new generation of political experts who will be in a position to professionally and objectively evaluate international political processes taking into consideration different cultures and national traditions

Andrey Shutov
Декан факультета политологии МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова

The launch of this new educational programme is part our work towards enhancing the prestige of the Russian education system in the field of political sciences and the further development of a Russian school of political sciences. Our goal is to develop a solid research base that will offer younger generations the knowledge to respond to the many challenges of modern development at global and national levels.


The round table devoted to scientific and educational projects focused on professional growth of the young political experts took place on 7th of October


Head of the Department of State Policy at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, co-founder of the “Dialogue of Civilizations” Research Institute, Doctor of Political Sciences, Vladimir Yakunin, has become a visiting professor of Peking University. The letter about the appointment was received on 23 September.


The presence of Russia in the rankings grew up to 24 universities today

Business Risk  With Crisis

The global world crisis which can be seen in progress in most countries of the world was not predicted but today it influences almost all the spheres of the countries.

Main Programmes
Summer Schools

Программа «Летние школы PolitiQ» предполагает выплату стипендий на обучение студентов МГУ в летних ведущих зарубежных образовательно-научных центрах, а также программы студенческого обмена с целью обучения нового, международно-интегрированного поколения лидеров политической мысли.


Masters Programme

В рамках магистерской программы PolitIQ студенты могут углубить политологическую специализацию и получить степень магистра, пройдя обучение на английском языке.